Car Wrap Specialists in Joliet

Make your choice from full-color change car wraps to trim deletes or even commercial fleet vehicle wraps in Joliet! Your dream vinyl wrap for commercial advertising, paint protection, and color-changing is only a phone call away! Call or contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Vehicle Wrapping Steps

Step 1

Clean the entire area that will be wrapped with special Vinyl Geeks cleaning solution.

Step 2

Choose a color from the vinyl car wrap color guide or design a custom vinyl wrap. Then print the vinyl to the exact desired measurements.

Step 3

Apply vinyl and use a squeegee to remove film bubbles. Use heat to conform vinyl wrap to the vehicle to protect paint and prolong wrap life. Wrap around corners tightly. 

Step 4

Look around the entire vehicle and ensure there are no bubbles or peeling corners. Then enjoy your new vehicle wrap!